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 +{{ :​en:​group:​members:​rimg_mehdi1.jpg|}}
 +Mehdi finished his PhD at ALGO in July 2007. His thesis deals with subtree based bounds on the 
 +partition function and simulation methods for approximating the partition function. ​
 +Mehdi left ALGO in August 2007
 ---- dataentry member ---- ---- dataentry member ----
 title : Dr. title : Dr.
-fullname : Lorenz Minder +fullname : Mehdi Molkaraie 
-webpage_url : http://​www.eecs.berkeley.edu/​~lorenz +webpage_url : 
-avatar_img64 : en:​group:​members:​rimg_lorenz1.jpg +avatar_img64 : en:​group:​members:​rimg_mehdi1.jpg 
-email_mail : lorenz@eecs.berkeley.edu+email_mail : 
 tel :  tel : 
-position : Post-Doc+position : 
 listgroup : d listgroup : d
-status ​: past +state : past 
-lefton_date: 2007-12-31+left_dt: 2007-08-31
 table : members table : members
-summary : Lorenz ​finished his PhD at ALGO in 2007 specializing in code-based cryptography. Specifically,​ he analyzed different families of algebraic codes for their structural security. For example, he discovered the first known effective attacks against ​the Sidelnikov-cryptosystem, ​and he generalized ​the Sidelnikov-Shestakov-attack on the Niederreiter-cryptosystem to apply also to algebraic-geometry codes based on elliptic curves.+summary : Mehdi finished his PhD at ALGO in July 2007. His thesis deals with subtree ​based bounds on the partition function ​and simulation methods for approximating ​the partition functionMehdi left ALGO in August 2007
 ---- ----