avatar: rimg_alipour.jpg Masoud Alipour

avatar: rimg_ghid1.jpg Ghid Maatouk

avatar: rimg_klaas.jpeg Klaas Hofstra

avatar: rimg_meyer.jpg Bertrand Meyer

avatar: rimg_yuval.jpg http://ycassuto.eew.technion.ac.il/

Yuval was a post-doc at ALGO between 09/10-08/11. He worked on efficient graph codes for storage applications, as well as other constructive and algorithmic frameworks for data storage. From ALGO he continued to a faculty position at the EE Department of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. In addition to great research collaborations and friendly lab mates, the Swiss views and Lausanne atmosphere make his future visits to the group highly likely.

avatar: rimg_mahdi1.jpg Mahdi Cheraghchi

Mahdi joined ALGO/LMA in October 2004, where he obtained a Masters and then a PhD degree in Computer Science, respectively in 2005 and 2010. In his academic life, Mahdi is mainly interested in fundamental aspects of computer science and in particular, computational complexity theory. He left ALGO/LMA in September 2010.

avatar: rimg_bertrand1.jpg Bertrand Ndzana Ndzana

avatar: rimg_frederic1.jpg Frederic Didier

avatar: rimg_thibaud1.jpg Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil

Thibaud left Algo at the end of year 2008 for joining Zeno's startup project.

avatar: rimg_lorenz1.jpg Lorenz Minder

Lorenz finished his PhD at ALGO in 2007 specializing in code-based cryptography. Specifically, he analyzed different families of algebraic codes for their structural security. For example, he discovered the first known effective attacks against the Sidelnikov-cryptosystem, and he generalized the Sidelnikov-Shestakov-attack on the Niederreiter-cryptosystem to apply also to algebraic-geometry codes based on elliptic curves.

avatar: rimg_payam1.jpg Payam Pakzad

Payam was a postdoc at ALGO from August 2004 until April 2006. His research concentrated mostly on the design and analysis of Raptor codes on memoryless binary symmetric channels. He designed and implemented new density evolution methods geared towards this class of codes, and studied the asymptotic and finite length behavior of Raptor codes. After leaving ALGO, Payam joined Digital Fountain as a senior researcher.

avatar: rimg_zeno1.jpg Zeno Crivelli

Zeno left Algo in March 2007 for starting his own company.

avatar: rimg_mehdi1.jpg Mehdi Molkaraie

Mehdi finished his PhD at ALGO in July 2007. His thesis deals with subtree based bounds on the partition function and simulation methods for approximating the partition function. Mehdi left ALGO in August 2007

avatar: rimg_andrew1.jpg Andrew Brown

Andrew finished his PhD at LMA in June 2007. His thesis deals with the interplay between graphs and codes. He left LMA in August 2007 and has joined McKenzie Consulting.

avatar: rimg_christina3.jpg Christina Fragouli

Christina joined ALGO as a postdoc in September 2003, working on research topics related to network coding. Since April 2006 she joined EPFL as an FNS assistant professor. See here for more details on her research interests and work.

avatar: rimg_frederique2.jpg Frederique Oggier

Frederique joined ALGO and LMA for a 6 months posdoc after receiving her PhD in mathematics at EPFL. Her research interests are in applied algebra mainly for both single and multiple antennas systems. She left AlGO for joining Caltech as a postdoctoral visitor.

avatar: rimg_vardy.jpg Alexander Vardy

Alexander is a professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics at UCSD. He visited ALGO during June 2005 to February 2006. During his visit, we discussed in depth new algorithms for algrebraic list-decoding of Reed-Solomon and related codes. He also began rerearch on network coding in collaboration with Christina Fragouli, and gave several seminars.

avatar: rimg_isabelle1.jpg Isabelle Ravot

Isabelle obtained her diploma in 2004 at ALGO with a thesis on the Evaluation of data coding techniques for multicast services over 3G mobile networks done in collaboration with Ericsson Eurolabs and Digital Fountain.

avatar: rimg_gerard1.jpg Gerard Maze

After receiving his PhD degree from the University of Notre Dame, Gerard joined ALGO and LMA. His research and teaching interests are in discrete mathematics, public key cryptography, and coding. He left ALGO on October 2004 after one year of intense research activity.

avatar: rimg_natascha1.jpg Natascha Fontana