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 +---- dataentry seminar ----
 +date_dt : 2008-12-11
 +title :Raptor Codes in practice: Implementing a server for live TV streaming
 +speaker : Dr. Giovanni Cangiani
 +affiliation :  ALGO, EPFL
 +time : 16h15-17h15
 +room : BC129
 +table : seminars
 +=== Abstract ===
 +Internet television (IPTV) is a rapidly growing way of wasting internet bandw
 +idth. Internet is global and makes it easy to implement a true Video on Demand (
 +VoD) system. On the other hand, the most used transport protocol over the intern
 +et (TCP) is not well suited for large scale, long distance and good quality vide
 +o streaming. A much better alternative is represented by standard UDP in conjunc
 +tion with a robust forward error correction scheme. In this talk, I will describ
 +e in some details the implementation of a prototype system that is being develop
 +ed at ALGO for streaming live television over the internet using UDP and systema
 +tic Raptor as protection layer.
 +{{:​en:​group:​seminars:​pyraptorserver.pdf|Full presentation}}