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 +---- dataentry seminar ----
 +date_dt : 2013-07-03
 +title : How does applied math become applicable?
 +speaker : Dr. Emina Soljanin
 +affiliation : Bell Labs
 +time : 16h15
 +room : BC229
 +table : seminars
 +==== abstract ====
 +It has been widely acknowledged that research in mathematical sciences has been
 +crucial in making communications devices, systems, and networks possible. But
 +which research exactly? The one considered the most applicable at the time it
 +was being conducted, the one cast in the best power point presentation,​ the
 +one proving the most fundamental theorems, the one with the most dedicated owners, the one with the most charismatic proponents, or none, or all of the above? In this talk, I will tell you what, after almost two decades of working at Bell Labs, I think was hard, what was easy, and why I believe the toughest uphill battles for applying math, information and coding theory are still in front of us.