• Finished the paper for ISIT on Lossless Source Coding with Polar Codes.
  • Continuing research on decoding of RS codes, looking into FFT on finite fields.
  • Continued work on linear form decoding paper.


  • Setting up contact within the 4GBB consortium.
  • Started working on modulation and coding for DSL.
  • Submitted a chapter of phd thesis to IEEE Transactions on Communications.
  • Working on RS codes over prime fields, multiplication maps nicely to GP CPU.


  • RS codes on prime fields are fast. Algorithms for FFTs are neat when prime is chosen correctly.
  • Several interesting options for coding on DSL. Looking at coded modulation with shaping and what we can contribute to the 4GBB consortium.
  • Wrote a paper for the WIC in Rotterdam about the RS codecs.
  • Finished a paper about coded modulation for storage with N. Bouman (his MSc work back in Enschede.


  • Found an interesting technique for signaling on DSL lines. May have applications in other fields also.
  • Wrote a patent about the technique and made some initial verifications. Seems to work very well.
  • Paper for ISIT is accepted and has to be slightly adjusted
  • Preparing a patent for the signaling technique.


  • Follow-up research on the coding methods for DSL
  • Patent is filed and looking into other field and applications.
  • Extending the technique to have even a better performance.
  • Prepared presentation for the WIC symposium in Rotterdam


  • Thinking about creating a prototype for the invented technique to show its benefits for e.g. DSL communications. This could be an FPGA prototype
  • Prepared a presentation for the ISIT in Austin, TX about Lossless Source Coding with Polar Codes.
  • Continuing research on signaling techniques for wireline communications. Chip-to-chip communications is a good area of application.
  • ISIT symposium in Austin Texas


  • Finishing work with Satish on Lossless Source Coding.
  • Setting up a project plan for a prototype on the techniques
  • Found a idea for an analog/mixed-signal LDPC decoder working out some of the details


  • Worked out the idea for the analog LDPC decoder. Seems to be promising.
  • Extended our initial ideas for wireline communications to a new coding scheme.
  • Analyzing this coding scheme and implementing some simulations.
  • Two weeks of holidays.


  • Found a new scheme that can be used for constant weight coding in chip-to-chip communications to reduce switching noise and power consumption.
  • Working on an implementation of this scheme.


  • Continuing research on chip-to-chip communications
  • Building a full system simulation including effects such as impedance discontinuities, parasitic inductors and crosstalk.
  • Initial verifications made and signaling method work very well


  • Finished work on constant weight coding. Started writing a report summarizing the results.
  • Working with Klaas, Anant and Armin on hardware prototype of signaling method.
  • Performing research on how to integrate signaling methods with techniques such as equalization.


  • A new encoder devised for one of the signaling methods. Makes encoding easier.
  • Performing research in generalization of these encoding methods.