Dec. 2010

  • analyze the simulation result of 100 frames. Unfortunately, it's

worse than the equivalent RS case.

  • Brain-storm with Amin, Yuval for the future research direction. We

agreed on doing a survey on TDMR.

Nov. 2010

  • Improve the IRS decoder, solved 4 bugs of the memory leakage in

the memory allocation for arrays. Hopefully, it could simulate 100 frames.

  • prepare the draft paper for the advanced sector format project.

Oct. 2010

  • Implement the IRS decoder, now it could run under 4k-frame
  • discuss with Yuval about the Flash storage problem

Sep. 2010

  • Sorting out the simulated data
  • Recovering the lost data that was on the stolen Laptop

Aug. 2010

  • Holiday
  • Simulation of 10,000 random blocks for PR4, EPR4 and EEPR4 channel

JuL. 2010

  • Debugging the MRC channel simulator, solving 5 memory leakage. Now

any frame length could be simulated

  • Discuss with Remzi about the IR protection problem
  • Simulated 1000 random blocks for PR4, EPR4 and EEPR4 channel

Jun. 2010

  • Approximate the performance of AG codes for MRC channel by

evaluating the error pattern

  • Investigating the feasibility of IR protection method of HDD
  • Review the semester project report

May. 2010

  • Learn abstract algebra by successfully implementing a calculator over any fields
  • Implement the RS encoder and decoder
  • Discuss with Nick about the codes over Hermitian curves
  • PMRC2010 in Sendai

Apr. 2010

  • Optimize the simulator, including the channel response part with FIR method and the viterbi detector
  • Supervise a master student on coding theory
  • discuss with Amin about the decoder for interleaved RS codes

Mar. 2010

  • Implement and debug the LMS based adaptive equalization for generalized PR channel
  • Assemble the simulator for PR channel with adaptive equalizer
  • Poster for the openhouse
  • Discuss the feasibility of demo of Raptor TV in Shanghai World Expo. with Giovani

Feb. 2010

  • Learn the adaptive equalization for generalized PR channel
  • Study on disk failure problem, and verify uni-disk idea may not be a good idea

Jan. 2010

  • Modify discrete channel model to micro-channel model
  • Rewrite the PR simulator from scratch
  • Discuss with Amin about the feasibility of uni-disk idea
  • Discuss with Harm about the 4GBB consortium