Feb. 2012-Mar. 2012

  • Survey on the two dimensional coding schems for the cross-track interference channel, which has profound value for the next generation Hard disk drive storage, a report is expected next month
  • Read the papers on FAST'12, related to the topic of coding theory. One of the most important paper is the survey on Ereasure codes for cloud storage.

Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012

  • Investigated performance of determinitic decoding ECC schems vs the probabilistic decoding ECC schems under the big data model. A tradeoff should be made between the complexity and reliability
  • Read the paper of fast decoding of Reed-solomon codes by Amin

Oct. 2011-Nov. 2011

  • Survey on cloud storage: It's aimed to investigate the coding theory problem existing in the hot topic of cloud storage. The key point of such problem is the tradeoff of reliability, throughput and algorithmic complexity. The state of art in three main areas will be investigated: cloud file system(Hadoop and HDFS), Network codes based cloud storage and basic erasure codes based distributed storage

Sep. 2011

  • Review the coding theory, learn the algebraic description for various codes, mainly Cyclic codes and RS codes. Understood the algebraic description of even-odd codes and rain codes
  • The 2nd workshop on coding theory

Aug. 2011

  • Survey the erasure codes for disk array, from Raid0 to Raid6, then to star codes. The survey is aimed to understand the incident coding technology

Jul. 2011

  • Paricipate the coding theory workshop
  • Draft the patentIDF

Jun. 2011

  • Prepare submission of water-filling schemes paper to ICNC'12 - DSTAICNC'12
  • Prepare the patent of Invention Disclosure: Re-Writing Schemes for Solid-State Storage Devices

May. 2011

  • Extend the idea of water-filling schemes from one-cell data representation to multi-cell data representation
  • Draft the water-filling schemes paperDraft1

Apr. 2011

  • Proposed a water-filling rewriting schemes for flash memory. The scheme could achieve optimal rewrites with practical complexity

March. 2011

  • survey the re-writing schemes for flash memory and related Error-correcting techniques, mainly floaing-codes, ranking-modulation and wear-leveling

Feb. 2011

  • a survey on Two dimensional magnetic recording, by digesting 3 papers TDMR
  • review the principles of flash memory

Jan. 2011

  • Write a technical paper summarized the project on advanced sector format
  • Survey the state-of-art of TDMR, present on the tell and show
  • Survey on the distributed storage technique, investigate the feasiblility of using fountain codes.