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 ===== March 2012: ===== ===== March 2012: =====
-  * Worked ​on asymmetric TSP with Nikhil Bansal and Jaroslaw Byrka. We tried to investigate some ideas that we had during ​the workshop at Banff but sofar without any success. +  * Researched ​on hardness results for various vertex deletion problems such as the feedback vertex set (FVS) problemObtained simplified hardness proofs for FVS using the so called "It ain't over till it's over" theorem in the analysis of booelan functionsMoreoverthe techniques ​lead to very structured results useful ​for obtaining stronger ​results for other problems such as other vertex deletion problems ​and project scheduling. Started to write up these results. 
-  * Read up on the Lasserre Hierarchy motivated by presentations and recent results at BanffTogether with Thomas Rothvoss and Per Austrin that I met at Banffwe try to use these techniques for fundamental scheduling problems. We can prove that many if not all previous ​results ​follow from the Lasserre Hierarchy but we are still researching ​for novel and better ​results ​obtained by this method+  * Gave invited interview talk for tenure-track assistant professorship at UCLA.  
 +  * Gave invited talks at Princeton and Cornell.