September 2010

Decoding speedup of MIMO codes using precomputations and storage optimization.
* Initial algorithm proposal
* Feasibility proof by Matlab implementation of real-valued decoding problem

Participation at the Information Theory Workshop in Dublin and presenting the paper:
“Low-complexity wire-tap codes with security and error-correction guarantees”

October 2010

* IPG Seminar: “Codes for Symbol-Pair Read Channels”
* LDPC array-codes for errors/erasures concentrated in a small number of columns.
(main application: protecting multi-disk storage systems against device failures)
* Definition of new column error model
* Propose codes for new error model
* Derive decoding thresholds for codes in the new model
* Optimize code construction for new error model

November-December 2010

On-line fountain codes for semi-random loss channels.
(how to design fountain codes for distribution netwroks that are not purely random)
* Specification of new coding scheme
* Proving upper bounds on required overhead

Participation in the Globecom 2010 conference in Miami and presenting the paper: “Not just for errors: codes for fast and secure flash storage”

January 2011

* LDPC array codes with irregular degree distributions
* Initial write-ups of two papers for ISIT 2011 conference
* Visits+Seminars: Technion, Tel-Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University.

February 2011

* Paper submission: “Array-code ensemble -or- two-dimensional LDPC codes”, ISIT 2011
(studies codes for storage arrays that have efficient decoding and can be designed for different erasure probabilities within failed array devices).
* Paper submission: “Symbol-pair codes: algebraic constructions and asymptotic bounds”, ISIT 2011
(shows constructive methods to correct symbol-pair errors and gives asymptotic bounds on code sizes vs. fraction of correctable pair-errors)

March 2011

* Study of re-write schemes for NAND flash storage devices

April 2011

* Paper submission: “On-line fountain codes for semi-random loss channels”, ITW 2011
(shows how to find optimal degrees for the proposed on-line coding scheme - for any loss pattern. proves 20% upper bound on overhead for a pure random channel)

May 2011

* Organization of workshop on “Practice-Oriented Coding Theory”. Inviting guests and setting up program on non-volatile memories, data storage and network distribution/aggregation.
* Visit and talk at IBM Research Zurich, coding/signal-processing and storage-systems groups. Talk title: “Disarming the Complexity Blow-up of High-Order Array Codes”
* ALGO seminar: “Reliable Storage Systems through LDPC Array Codes”

June 2011

* More theoretical results on 2D LDPC codes: construction and analysis of “probabilistically-MDS array codes”: a new type of optimality for array codes.
* Co-organization of a 5-day workshop “Aspects of Coding Theory”.