General Game Playing Competition

Taken by: Laurent Bindschaedler
Completed by: Laurent Bindschaedler

General game players are computer systems that are able to accept declarative descriptions of arbitrary games at runtime and are able to play those games effectively without human intervention. Because general game players accept game descriptions at runtime, as opposed to specialized game players such as Deep Blue, they cannot rely on algorithms designed in advance for specific games. Instead, general game players are characterized by their use of general cognitive information-processing technologies such as knowledge representation, reasoning, learning, and rational decision-making, often in an integrated fashion. You may have the possibility to participate to GGP competition 2010. The proportion of theoretical and empirical work in this project is 30-70 percent.


  • Strong programming skills
  • Having passed a course in AI

What will you learn

  • Automatic reasoning
  • State spaces search and planning algorithms

Suggested Readings and References