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 +---- dataentry project ----
 +title : Study of Multi-dimensional bursts error correcting coding
 +contactname:​ Luoming ZHANG
 +contactmail_mail:​ luoming.zhang@epfl.ch
 +contacttel: 021-693-13-13
 +contactroom:​ BC 158
 +type : master semester
 +state : unavailable
 +created_dt : 2011-09-22
 +taken_dt :  ​
 +completed_dt : 
 +by :
 +output_media : 
 +table : projects
 +Description:​Bursts error in multi-dimension in many communication systems such as
 +memory devices, broadband wireless communication systems and
 +next-generation HDD systems. The common handling of the bursts error is
 +using interleaver to decorrelate the bursts in time and space domain,
 +which is not the optimal solution. The project is aimed to study the
 +states-of-art of error correcting codes for multi-dimension ​ burst errors.
 +Requirements:​ Coding theory; Mathematical modelling and some basic
 +understanding of graph algorithms