Amir Hesam Salavati

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Given my background in communication systems and my deep passion (I do mean it!) about biological systems, my current research has a flavor of both: during my PhD studies, I worked on applying theoretical background in coding theory to design more efficient neural associative memories. In the past I had also worked on applications of information theory in bioinformatics. Nevertheless, this does not mean that I have forgotten my roots! In early phases of

Cusrrent research interests:

  • Neural networks
  • Network tomography
  • Coding theory
  • Graphical Models
  • Machine learning

my PhD, I worked a bit on some information-theoretical aspects of coding theory. Additionally, during my Master studies I worked on network coding and bio-inspired algorithms in peer to peer networks. In the panel on the right, you could find more about my current and past research activities, download the codes used in simulations and have access to the relevant publications.