An Introduction to Coding Theory

Lecture notes and exercise sheets can be found here

This course is an introduction to algebraic coding theory. Topics covered will include

  • Linear algebraic codes
  • First examples: Golay and RM codes
  • Reed-Solomon codes and their (list)-decoding algorithms
  • Efficient decoding: the displacement method
  • Codes from algebraic geometry
  • Codes over rings
  • Expander graphs and expander codes

The course consists of on weekly lectures (90 minutes, given by Amin Shokrollahi) and one weekly exercise session (90 minutes, given by Mahdi Cheraghchi). The course and the exercises will be in English. Grading is based on the final exam.

  • “Theory of Error Correcting Codes,” by F.J. MacWilliams and N. Sloane
  • “Introduction to Coding Theory,” by J.H. van Lint

Other relevant material will be advertised in the class.