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 +Laboratoire d'​algorithmique\\ 
 +Laboratoire de mathématiques algorithmiques\\ 
 +IC - IIF - ALGO\\ 
 +BC 170\\ 
 +Bâtiment BC\\ 
 +Station 14\\ 
 +CH - 1015 Lausanne\\ 
 +Tel: +41 [0]21 693 5202\\ 
 +Fax: +41 [0]21 693 7510\\ 
 +E-mail: natascha.fontana@epfl.ch (secretary)\\ 
 +Directions: here is a "​guide"​ on how to find us 
 +==== Coming by plane and/or by train ==== 
 +=== From the airport to Lausanne === 
 +From the Swiss airports, you can easily arrive in Lausanne by train.  
 +From the [[http://​www.gva.ch/​|Geneva airport]], there are many trains to Lausanne every hour. See [[http://​www.gva.ch/​en/​desktopdefault.aspx/​tabid-68/​|here]] for more details. 
 +From the [[http://​www.zurich-airport.com/​|Zürich airport]] there are also at least 3 trains for Lausanne every hour.  
 +=== From the Lausanne Main Station to EPFL === 
 +A metro station (M2) is located just in front of the train station. Take the metro uphill, in the direction called //​Lausanne-Flon//​. There, transfer to what is called the TSOL or M1 line (departures every 10 minutes), with the same ticket. Get off at the stop called //EPFL//. The journey from the railway station to the EPFL is approx. 30 minutes long. See [[http://​www.t-l.ch|here]] for detailed plans and time tables of public transportations in Lausanne.  
 +=== From the EPFL TSOL stop to our lab === 
 +Our building is building BC on the south west of the campus. Enter BC, go to the first floor, room BC 170 to find our secretary. 
 +Here are some maps (click to enlarge):​\\ 
 +<a href="​http://​algo.epfl.ch/​_media/​en/​group/​pplan_print.pdf"><​img src="​http://​algo.epfl.ch/​_media/​en/​group/​pplan.jpg?​w=120"​ alt="​Full map of EPFL campus"></​a>​ 
 +<a href="​http://​algo.epfl.ch/​_media/​en/​group/​gplan1_print.pdf"><​img src="​http://​algo.epfl.ch/​_media/​en/​group/​gplan1.png?​w=120"​ alt="​Walk from Metro to Algo"></​a>​ 
 +<a href="​http://​algo.epfl.ch/​_media/​en/​group/​gplan2_print.pdf"><​img src="​http://​algo.epfl.ch/​_media/​en/​group/​gplan2.png?​w=120"​ alt="​Walk from Metro to Algo - details for Stephanie'​s office"></​a>​ 
 +==== Coming by car ==== 
 +From Geneva, approx. 10 kms before Lausanne, you will have the choice between two directions. Take "​LAUSANNE SUD". Then follow the EPFL exit. You are on the "Route du Lac". There are two ways in for EPFL. Take the second, which is located just before a traffic light, then follow the blue parking icons. Avoid parking on the green places, they are reserved for students and employees. From Bern, you have to take the direction Geneva until you find a sign indicating "​LAUSANNE SUD". Then proceed as above.