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 +Summary : Giovanni was born in Trento (Italy) a long time ago. He graduated in [[http://​www-dft.ts.infn.it/​|physics]] at the [[http://​www.univ.trieste.it/​|University of Trieste]] (Italy), with a thesis on the electronic structure of semiconductor heterojunctions under the direction of Prof. Baldereschi and Prof. Peressi.After completing his civil service replacing the obligatory military service, he joined the group of Prof. [[http://​www.democritos.it/​|Baroni]] at the International School of Advanced Studies ([[http://​www.sissa.it/​|SISSA]]) where he worked in the field of computational material science for one year.In 1998, after getting married, he joined the Institute of [[http://​itp.epfl.ch/​|Physics]] of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ([[http://​www.epfl.ch/​|EPFL]]) where he spent four years studying transition metal oxides from first principle calculations. He completed his thesis under the supervision of Dr. Posternak and obtained his PhD in physics on December 2002.A brand new season of his life started as he joined Algo first as the system administrator and finally also as a PostDoc.
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