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-webpage_url ​   : +webpage_url ​   : https://​people.epfl.ch/​natascha.fontana?​lang=en | Natascha Fontana
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 +summary : Natascha was the administrative assistant of the group from the beginning until 2015.
 +After her studies, she spent seven years in London working as secretary and underwriter for [[http://​www.merzario.co.uk/​|Andrea Merzario LTD]], and Through Transport Mutual Services LTD). She gained a large administrative experience and a perfect british accent. When she came back to Switzerland after giving birth to her first child, she worked as an Executive Secretary in the Swiss base of various international companies such as [[http://​cctest.hydro.com/​en/​about/​locations/​europe/​switzerland.html|Hydro Aluminium]],​ and Clintec International,​ a joint venture of [[http://​www.baxter.com/​|Baxter Healthcare]] corp. and [[http://​www.nestle.com/​|Nestle]].
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