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----- dataentry seminar ---- 
-date_dt : 2005-04-07 
-title : Applications of the Griffiths-Kelly-Sherman correlation inequality to LDPC codes 
-speaker : Nicolas Macris 
-affiliation :  ​ 
-time :  
-room :  
-table : seminars 
-==== abstract ==== 
-It will be explained how a correlation inequality of 
-statistical mechanics can 
-be applied to the theory of low density parity check codes. Two 
-applications will be considered. 
-The first one yields a proof that the growth rate can be computed 
-exactly by iterative methods 
-at least on the interval where it is concave. The second concerns sharp 
-bounds for the 
-"​generalised EXIT curve" in the case of communication through a noisy 
-gaussian channel.