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 +---- dataentry seminar ----
 +date_dt : 2007-06-04
 +title : LT codes over Piecewise Stationary Channels
 +speaker : Bertrand Ndzana Ndzana
 +affiliation :  Algo - EPFL
 +time : 16h15-17h15
 +room : BC129
 +table : seminars
 +==== abstract ====
 +Many communication channels models explicitly allow for sudden changes in the
 + ​channel state during a transmission period. An abruptly changing channel model 
 +may be used to describe any system that experiences sudden, and persistent, burs
 +t of interference or degradation,​ such as a mobile wireless channel, an optical ​
 +CDMA channel, or a military communication channel in the presence of jamming. In
 + this talk, we present three LT codes based algorithms for estimation and increm
 +ental decoding over piecewise memoryless stationary channels (PSMC) with a bound
 +ed number of abrupt changes in channel statistics. In particular, as a class of 
 +PSMC, we consider binary symmetric channels with a crossover probability that ch
 +anges a bounded number of times with no repetitions in the statistics.