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----- dataentry seminar ---- 
-date_dt : 2010-12-14 
-title : Detection and Percolation in Mobile Geometric Graphs 
-speaker : Alexandre Stauffer 
-affiliation : UC Berkeley. 
-time : 16h15 
-room : BC129 
-table : seminars 
-==== abstract ==== 
-Motivated by mobile wireless networks we consider a random graph over 
-R^2, where nodes perform independent Brownian motions and edges are 
-kept between pairs of nodes within distance r of each other. Combining 
-ideas from stochastic geometry, coupling and 
-multi-scale analysis, we obtain precise asymptotics for detection (the 
-time until a given target is within distance r to some node of the 
-graph) and percolation (the time until a given node belongs to the 
-infinite connected component of the graph). 
-(This is a joint work with Yuval Peres, Alistair Sinclair and Perla Sousi.)