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-page+---- dataentry seminar ---- 
 +date_dt : 2011-11-09 
 +title : Coding Techniques for Content Preparation,​ Delivery, and Storage in Highly Heterogeneous Networks. 
 +speaker : Dr. Emina Soljanin  
 +affiliation : Bell Labs 
 +time : 16h15 
 +room : BC 410 
 +table : seminars 
 +==== abstract ==== 
 +Consumers of video and other content in today'​s networks have very 
 +diverse display and computing equipment ranging from mobile phones and 
 +handheld devices to desktops, and HDTVs. Downloaded items range from 
 +simple stock quotes to news stories to full movies, as well as 
 +different segments within the same video content. Furthermore,​ 
 +multicast transmission to different users takes place over channels 
 +with very different qualities. Today'​s telecommunications techniques 
 +are confined to unique aspects and limited ranges of users' diversity,​ 
 +which they address separately either through source or through 
 +channel coding. In this talk, we will describe a Bell Labs approach to 
 +the problem which proposes integrated content preparation and 
 +delivery. We will also discuss some other emerging issues in content 
 +access and storage that arise because of some other aspects of network