Raptor Live TV Multicast @ EPFL

Download the client (build 1401)

Note: the program is no longer available for download. We are rewriting it and making it much better. Stay tuned!

  • for Mac OS X (10.4.x Tiger)
  • for Linux
  • for Windows… come back next millennium


VLC (video player) which you can download from here Ethernet connection (not Wi-Fi) because of the high bit rate of the video source Notes:

To use this client you MUST have an Ethernet connection inside EPFL CAUTION: The whole system (client and server) is still in heavy test phase. Therefore: the server might be shut down at any time without notice. if VLC doesn't display anything or crashes, then try to relaunch the client (RaptorLiveMcTV) few times before giving up. the client will save the stream into /tmp/LiveTVBuffer.mpg. This file might become very large (1.5GB per hour). the server will be guaranteed to be up and running only during live football games.

The video stream you'll get is probably interlaced. For better viewing, you can deinterlace it: once you got the stream playing in VLC, select a deinterlace method from the Video → Deinterlace menu (try with Bob for example).

effect of interlaced video

In any case, you might like to have a look to one of our posters about this demo and, may be also read this article published on the Flash EPFL newspaper