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 +====== Raptor TV Proxy ======
 +This is a little program that connects to our RaptorTV server and serves the TV channels that are available therein as local ''​rtsp''​ channels. ​ In order to watch TV using this program, you have to launch it and then open the ''​rtsp''​ stream using [[http://​www.videolan.org/​|VLC]] video player. The base url will be something like the following:
 +where ''​CHANNEL_NAME''​ could be something like ''​RTS2''​ but the actual list of available channels cannot be known in advance. You can figure out the list by looking into the program output.
 +<note warning>
 +This is experimental software. The server to which it connects might be (and most of the time is) down or not reachable. It is intended for in internal/​research use only. Please contact [[mailto:​giovanni.cangiani@epfl.ch|me]] if you want to try it]].
 +</​note> ​