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-The following software was developed in our lab and is publicly available. 
-  * [[en:​output:​software:​animated_algo|Animated algorithms]],​ a semester project done by Marcelo Fernandez. This provides animated versions of some of the algorithms covered in the algorithmique course; 
-  * [[http://​xcast.ch/​|Xcast]],​ a podcast client and rss aggregator for Mac OS X written by [[en:​group:​members:​zeno|Zeno]]. 
-  * Raptor [[en:​output:​software:​raptor_live_tv0|Live TV client]]. A Raptor protected Live TV viewer that was made available to people working at EPFL for watching the European Footbal Cup. You can see it working in final part of {{:​en:​output:​raptorontheplane.mov|this movie}} 
-  * Raptor [[en:​output:​software:​raptor_tv_proxy|TV Proxy]]. An rtsp proxy using raptor code for protecting the video stream against packet loss. 
-  * Raptor Image Demo. A didactic program for experimenting with file delivery to multiple clients without feedback. A tiled image represent the file being transmitted and every tile of the image an internet packet. The user can simulate random losses and compare between 3 different FEC codes (carousel, Reed-Solomon,​ and Raptor). Have a look to {{:​en:​output:​imagedemo.mov|this screencast}} for more details. 
-  * Raptor FTP Proxy Demo. A demostrative program where the user can compare the speed of HTTP (TCP) versus our own FTP protocol based on Raptor FEC for file transfer over the internet. See a {{:​en:​output:​ftpdemo.mov|screencast here}}. 
-  * {{http://​slideshot.epfl.ch|Slideshot}} is a system for publishing seminars and lectures on-line. ​