Dec., 2009

  • Assemble all parts of the simulator for PR channel
  • Debug the simulator

Nov., 2009

  • Setup the structure of simulation platform for partial response channel, and give it to Hesam
  • Cracked some typos on the paper we are using

Oct., 2009

  • Discuss and double-check the implementation of modulation codes with Hesam
  • Update writeup:magnetic recording channel v0.3, including the channel noise generator

Sep., 2009

  • Give an introduction to Hesam about the magnetic recording channel project
  • Update the magnetic recording channel v0.2, including the run limited coding

Aug., 2009

  • Investigation on the implementation of partial response channel for HDD
  • analyze the eepr4 code from Emina

Jul., 2009

  • Research Investigation on the long data block scheme from IDEMA
  • Membership of IDEMA