September 2011:

  • Read about attacks on anonymized networks: propagation algorithms of attacks, injecting a small graph algorithms and anonymization techniques such us k-anonymization
  • Candidacy Exam

October 2011:

  • Learned current results on the question when the anonymization of the network is possible (“On the Privacy of Anonymized Networks” by P.Pedarsani and M.Grossglauser). Tried to generalize the result described in the paper
  • Gave the review on the Differential Privacy topic in the Netdynx reading group

November 2011:

  • Prepared materials for Course “Project Technologies de l'informationation”.
  • Introduced a function which measures a quality of mapping between two graphs randomly sampled from G(n,p). This function supposed to help to identify the identity mapping between sampled graphs

December 2011:

  • Passed Candidacy Exam
  • Run experiments to investigate the introduced function. We try to prove that introduced function is a measure of quality of mapping between two graphs. We start by making assumptions on the size and average degree of two networks.