Petite école de théorie de Galois

The sessions take place in BC129 on Tuesdays from 9:00 am on.


The purpose is to learn about Galois theory. We shall follow Emil Artin's book on Galois Theory available here


Date Topic from the book Speaker
27.10 II-A Extension fields Bertrand M.
II-B Polynomials
II-C Algebraic Elements
3.11 II-D Splitting Fields Bertrand M.
II-E Unique Decomposition of Polynomials into Irreducible Factors
10.11 II-F Group Characters Ghid
II-G Application and Examples to Thm 13
17.11 II-H Normal Extensions Mohammad
24.11 II-I Finite Fields Masoud
1.12 II-J Roots of Unity
II-K Noether Equations  
II-L Kummer's Fields
8.12 II-M Simple extensions
II-N Existence of a Normal Basis
II-O Theorem on Natural Irrationalities
15.12 III-A Solvable Groups
III-B Permutation Groups
III-C Solution of Equation by Radicals
III-D The General Equation of Degree n
22.12 III-F Ruler and Compass Constructions