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-=== Decoding algorithms for LT codes on Markov channels NEW VERSION === 
-A Markov channel channel is a multiple-state channel where a noisy channel is  
-associated with each state and Markov transitions between these states are assumed. ​ 
-The aim of this project is to study and implement algorithms decoding for binary ​ 
-LT codes dedicated for Markov channels. 
 ---- dataentry project ---- ---- dataentry project ----
-title : Decoding algorithms for LT codes on Markov channels NEW VERSION+title : LT Codes for Piecewise Stationary Memoryless Channels with Hard Decision Decoding Algorithms over GF(q) 
 contactname:​ Bertrand Ndzana Ndzana contactname:​ Bertrand Ndzana Ndzana
 contactmail_mail:​ bertrand.ndzanandzana@epfl.ch contactmail_mail:​ bertrand.ndzanandzana@epfl.ch
-contacttel: 021 6931343+contacttel: 021-693-13-43
 contactroom:​ BC 148 contactroom:​ BC 148
-type : bachelor ​semester¬†+type :  semester¬†
-status ​available+state unavailable
 table : projects table : projects
 created_dt : 2009-01-01 created_dt : 2009-01-01
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 template:​datatemplates:​project template:​datatemplates:​project
 ---- ----
 +A Piecewise Stationary Memoryless Channel (PSMC) is an abruptly changing channel ​
 +which can be used to describe any system that experiences sudden, and persistent, ​
 +burst of interference or degradation,​ or military communication channel in the 
 +presence of jaming.
 +The aim of this project is to study and understand constructions of LT codes for 
 +PSMCs over the Galois Field GF(q) and to design LT codes for such contructions using 
 +Gallager'​s majority decoding algorithms. ​