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----- dataentry project ---- 
-title : Survey propagation algorithm and Raptor Codes 
-contactname:​ Bertrand Ndzana Ndzana 
-contactmail_mail:​ bertrand.ndzanandzana@epfl.ch 
-contacttel: 021 6931343 
-contactroom:​ BC 148 
-type : master thesis, master semester, bachelor semester 
-status : available 
-table : projects 
-created_dt : 2009-01-01 
-taken_dt :  
-completed_dt :  
-by :  
-output_media : 
-This project studies the Survey Propagation (SP) algorithm which is an iterative technique. ​ 
-The goal is to study the concepts of the SP and apply them to Raptor Codes. In this project 
-the student will study modern coding theory. ​ 
-Required is good knowledge of linear algebra, probability,​ and one programming language.