Expectation Propagation Decoding

Contact: Masoud Alipour
Room: BC 150
Tel: 021 6937529
Email: masoud [dot] alipour [at] epfl [dot] ch

Expectation Propagation is a method for approximate inference in Graphical Models. The aim of this project is to treat the tanner graph of LDPC code as a graphical model and to use EP technique for decoding. The proportion of theoretical and empirical (programming, simulation) work in this project is 40-60 percent.


  • Good familiarity with basic probability theory
  • Good programming skills in Matlab and/or C/C++

What will you learn

  • LDPC codes
  • Learning and Inference in Graphical Models
  • Expectation Propagation
  • Fast implementation of approximate inference in graphical models

Suggested Readings and References