Implementing a conference scheduling system in Ruby on Rails

Contact: Giovanni Cangiani
Room: BC 149
Tel: 021 6937526
Email: giovanni [dot] cangiani [at] epfl [dot] ch

This project is very practical. Its goal of this project is to design and implementat of an important feature of a web-based conference organization system that is being developed in our lab: a semi-automatic system for scheduling the talks and the sessions of a conference starting from the list of accepted papers.

The taker of the project will have to deal with the following tasks

  • review of existing implementations
  • design of the object model
  • design of an easy-to-use and elegant user interface
  • implementation of the computer program
  • (optional) research and implementation of an automatic methods for scheduling the talks

The taker of the project will have the opportunity to learn and/or improve his knowledge about

  • the Ruby language
  • the Ruby on Rails web development framework
  • test-driven development
  • user interface design
  • scheduling and resource allocation algorithms
  • git distributed control version system