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-=== Low-Density Lattice Codes === 
-Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are able to achieve a near-capacity performance on several binary channels for acceptable decoding complexity. LDPC codes are linear codes which can be decoded with a sub-optimal algorithm on a sparse graph. ​ 
-For channels with an Euclidean input space, continuous alphabet codes might be more appropriate. Lattice codes are the Euclidean space analog of linear codes. In this project the goal is to analyze and design low-density lattice codes for the additive white Gaussian noise channel. ​ 
-The project is suitable for students with a theoretical and practical interest. 
----- dataentry project ---- 
-title : Low-Density Lattice Codes 
-contactname:​ Harm Cronie 
-contactmail_mail:​ harm.cronie@epfl.ch 
-contacttel: 021 6936793 
-contactroom:​ BC 150 
-type : master semester 
-status : available 
-table : projects 
-created_dt : 2009-01-01 
-taken_dt :  
-completed_dt : 
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