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----- dataentry project ---- 
-title : Low-Density Lattice Codes 
-contactname:​ Harm Cronie 
-contactmail_mail:​ harm.cronie@epfl.ch 
-contacttel: 021 6936793 
-contactroom:​ BC 150 
-type : master semester 
-status : available 
-table : projects 
-created_dt : 2009-01-01 
-taken_dt :  
-completed_dt : 
-by :  
-output_media : 
-Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are able to achieve a near-capacity ​ 
-performance on several binary channels for acceptable decoding complexity. ​ 
-LDPC codes are linear codes which can be decoded with a sub-optimal algorithm on a sparse graph. ​ 
-For channels with an Euclidean input space, continuous alphabet codes  
-might be more appropriate. Lattice codes are the Euclidean space analog ​ 
-of linear codes. In this project the goal is to analyze and design low-density ​ 
-lattice codes for the additive white Gaussian noise channel. ​ 
-The project is suitable for students with a theoretical and practical interest.