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----- dataentry project ---- 
-title : Turing machine emulator 
-contactname:​ Mahdi Cheraghchi 
-contactmail_mail:​ mahdi.cheraghchi@epfl.ch 
-contacttel: 021 6931316 ​ 
-contactroom:​ BC 148 
-type : bachelor semester 
-status : available 
-table : projects 
-created_dt : 2009-01-01 
-taken_dt :  
-completed_dt : 
-by : 
-output_media : 
-The goal of this project is to implement a system to emulate certain abstractions ​ 
-of Turing machines. The first step in this project would be to design a simple ​ 
-"​programming language"​ for describing the beahavior of a Turing machine and  
-then implementing an interpreter for this language. The subsequent steps will 
-involve writing simple modules that implement certain basic operations on Turing 
-machines, implementing "​compilers"​ for translating simple but more high-level 
-languages to basic programs that can run on Turing machines, and building an 
-easy-to-use user interface for interacting with the system.